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新购置的精密型卧式数控加工中心 大型零部件加工车间 北京一机制造的10米数控龙门铣床 10米数控导轨磨床车间 中小型零部件制造车间 中型部件装配车间 数控机床装配车间

 Prosper 's industrial manufacturing base, covering 30,000 square meters, industrial workers and technicians team more than 300 people. With 10 meters of high- precision CNC rail grinding machine, 10 meters of high-precision gantry milling machine 2, 6-meter high-precision gantry milling machine 3, horizontal, vertical machining center machine 10, and supporting CNC lathes, Surface grinder more than 30 Taiwan, which Switzerland high-precision cylindrical grinder one. Through the rectification and innovation of the manufacturing process, especially in accordance with the process of relatively centralized, standardized, technical training, the implementation of the old and green to help with the production and assembly team responsibility to each process, to achieve the responsibility to trace, strengthen effective management, now Has reached the capacity of more than 30 sets of CNC machine tools, testing pass rate of 100%. 

Our main components after the traditional machining, all the key components, especially the rail system are using our unique grinding matching process, and finally to meet our design requirements.

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