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President of the message: 
    a group of ideal students, through nearly two decades of exploration, with their own knowledge, technological innovation and a wealth of engineering experience, with the belief in the use of knowledge, tightly together; And sweat the spring of the land, full of reverie and hope. 

    Precision manufacturing is the cornerstone of a nation, national survival and development. Without precision manufacturing, there is no basis for the development of modern science and technology. And pioneering and innovative is a nation, a country prosperous magic weapon, but also the survival and development of the essential requirements. Original ability is our wealth. So, this team is full of hope! In recent years, Beijing Prosper Precision Machine Tool Co.Ltd. in institutional innovation, technological innovation and other aspects of a useful exploration. Companies rely on technological innovation, management innovation, to provide users with first-class precision machine tool products and quality service. 

We have reason to pride: 

1, in the field of heavy-duty CNC turning, we have made every step heavy NC axes monopulse feed 0.1 m; 
2, high stiffness spindle rotation accuracy up to 0.05 m; 
3, high Precision intermittent heavy-duty vibration-type mirror wheel turning --- high-precision mirror wheel hub CNC lathe, for the domestic initiative; 
4, high-precision five-axis relative to the car's CNC vertical lathe, 
5, high precision and high stiffness of 8 tons of turntable rotation accuracy of 0.2 microns; the next step we immediately to develop a diameter of 4 meters, the accuracy of 0.5 microns, the precision of the domestic thin-walled parts of the high-precision , Of the capacity of 30 tons of high-precision high-precision workstations. We developed a high-precision high-precision hydrostatic guide rail CNC special lathe, not only the performance of more than imported machine tools, and run for two years, no fault. The key is our hydrostatic guide technology and precision spindle technology is our core, the rail never wear ... ... hope to use technology, excellent quality of products to replace imported equipment, to provide users with sophisticated manufacturing, high-performance cost-effective precision manufacturing automation equipment and services. The needs of users is the driving force and direction of our efforts.

    But we do not, and can not be proud. The overall level of manufacturing and Germany and other developed countries, we still have a long way to go. We have the responsibility to revitalize the high-end manufacturing mission, long way to go. 
Integrity, proactive, follow the precision equipment manufacturing technology science itself, the law of innovation, so that each of the Bo Luosi Pan people with a sense of endurance and sense of accomplishment, to achieve the maximum value, is the core of corporate culture The Human thought is the soul of Borrus Pan; integrity and advanced corporate culture is the basis of the management of the business management capabilities. The advanced culture of the enterprise has led to the continuous development of Bolus Pan. 

    Our team: focus on development strategy, clear objectives. 

    Our team: pay attention to tactics, attention to detail, details determine success or failure. 

    Our team: practical, good at execution. Strong execution ability is the magic weapon to realize strategy and tactics. 

    Our team: good at learning, never proud. We have the precision CNC machine tool key unit technology and CNC automation integration of engineering technology and experience, we bypass the domestic parts of raw materials such as Germany, Japan and other countries of the problem, with our unique technological innovation, manufacturing Bolus Pan Precision machine tools. And always concerned about the world's manufacturing technology and market development direction. 

    I will work with our colleagues, down to earth, with our own intellectual property rights of high stiffness precision spindle technology, liquid dynamic and dynamic turntable and rail technology, precision drive matching and other key unit technology, manufacturing high stiffness and high precision and efficient Of the industrial CNC machine tools. 

    The market is the only standard for testing the brand. In front of the market, we have no reason why the user is always right. Bolus Pan will be in the advanced enterprise culture under the cohesion, with first-class equipment, first-class technology and services for our users to maximize the value of creation. 

   For the user to achieve a win-win situation, and continue to move forward; as soon as the backbone of the national high-end precision equipment. 

   We must do it. 

   We will be able to do it!

                          Company Chairman: Dr. Wu Xingfei 
                         in September 2006 in Beijing Science and Technology Park



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